Portrait of Catherine de 'Medici

Portrait of Catherine de’ Medici

The use of underwear, that throughout the Middle Ages It was the exclusive prerogative of males and dishonest women (https://www.pilloledistoria.it/2655/medioevo/biancheria-intima-medievale-donne-indossavano-mutande-ciclo-mestruale), invested with a new and unusual charge erotic, They began to depopulate between the courtesans of the '500.

It was also in this century, that Catherine de Medici He tried to promote the use of this garment among all the ladies, so that they would not run the risk of showing the private parts when riding.

Despite the effort, however,, the pants do not spread much and remained, more or less throughout the Renaissance, an item of clothing for aristocratic.

But as they had done these pants?

Well other than those small and agile as we know it today and very similar to cotton pants longish (Photo gives: teladoiofirenze.it).