Portrait of Carlo Pisacane

Portrait of Carlo Pisacane

The following article I wrote for the site notizie.it: the argument is the expedition of Carlo Pisacane, one of the most tragic events of our Risorgimento.





Reconstruction of the tragic expedition of Carlo Pisacane

Reconstruction of the tragic expedition of Carlo Pisacane

Carlo Pisacane was an aristocratic Neapolitan who had decided to support the idea of Giuseppe Mazzini according to which, to lead to a general lifting of the nations of the Nation, it was necessary to start from Southern Italy, It becomes the starting point for future actions that should have upset later the whole territory.

Unfortunately the plan, that theoretically it seemed doable, He was resolved in practice for a tragedy that deeply marked the minds of the patriots of the time.

The 25 June 1857, Pisacane, with 24 companions, He sailed from Genoa on the steamship line “Cagliari"And he took possession, however, not being able to intercept the boats with which the Sicilian Rosolino Pilo He would have to supply him weapons.

During a stop in Ponza, Pisacane and his freed men about 300 prisoners who soon joined the ranks greatly ingrossandone Shipping.

Later, however,, for a number of unfavorable circumstances, misunderstandings and bad luck, the situation worsened.

The 28 June Patriots reached Sapri, dove, at the news of their arrival, It was expected (and it is hoped) a general uprising of the population against King Ferdinand II of Bourbon, that though, He did not happen.

At the same time Mazzini, which he had reached Genoa in secret, He could not result in the expected uprising that was supposed to support Pisacane; at the end, therefore,, nothing that had been prepared fell through.

The Campanian farmers, for the most part faithful to the sovereign Bourbon, they ended up giving the reinforcement troops sent to hunt insurgents, that surrounded, They were mostly brutally killed, and only someone, luckier, he managed to escape the massacre and was taken prisoner.

The young blond Pisacane, showy lost, committed suicide with a gunshot.

it ended well, a bloodbath, one of the most celebrated and tragic expeditions of the Italian Risorgimento.

Di Carlo Pisacane there were some written important, fundamental to the understanding of society and of a certain type of widespread mentality in southern half of '800; over all, at least remember "Essays historians, political and military on Italy " (Article adapted from: notizie.it) (Photo gives: dentrosalerno.it e scudit.net).