Fresco of Dante Alighieri

Fresco of Dante Alighieri

A trivial mosquito He killed our greatest poet: Dante Alighieri died of malaria, a disease not uncommon at the time and, Unfortunately, almost always unfortunate outcome.

The facts, more or less, It took place as follows.

For some time he lived in Dante Ravenna under the protection of Guido da Polenta, who entrusted him with a diplomatic mission to the doge of Venice.

Back from the beautiful lagoon city, while he crossing the marshy and unhealthy Comacchio Valleys, the author of Divine Comedy, Midge point, contracted the disease.

In the night between 13 and the 14 September 1321, an evil attack was fatal.

The artist had 56 years.

The sudden death of the poet created sorrow and regret in the cultural and literary time, so that the funeral, celebrated in the same Ravenna in San Pier Maggiore (current St. Francis), They attended by the highest city authorities (Photo gives: