The crane was a highly valued animal in the '300 kitchen

The crane was a highly valued animal in the '300 kitchen

I food tastes They are closely linked to the culture of the peoples and are subject, like everything else the rest, to profound changes over time.

No wonder then, If in past centuries it was a habit completely normal and appreciated to chew foods that today we (not unreasonably) disgustose.

In the famous Cook Book, a anonymous Tuscan recipe dating back to the mid '300, it was recommended, Moreover, how to cook the crane, volatile in vogue in Middle Ages, to fully enjoy its flavor.

The bird, after being cleaned, It was boiled in a large boiler, then, after being impaled on a skewer, it was roasting, but not completely.

At this point he was preparing a kind of “sauce” making fry in plenty of bacon dusted saffron, a couple of onions cut into small pieces.

Added some more’ of “good wine”, He was thrown nell'intingolo crane cut into pieces and let it boil.

Particular was, finally, how to serve the dish: each piece of crane was set on a slice of bread previously softened in the same broth animal cooking (often, in the Middle Ages, bread doubled as a pot) (Photo gives: