Norma Shearer in "Maria Antonietta", 1938

Norma Shearer in “Maria Antonietta”, 1938

Although now a little’ dated (1938), “Maria Antonietta” of W.S.Van Dike II, It remains to this day one of film the most famous and beautiful dedicated to the unfortunate Queen of France guillotined during the French Revolution.

of film, strictly black and white, two aspects, probably, affecting above all others, namely the indisputable skill of the actors and sumptuous scenes, due to the exceptional reconstruction of the environment (the rooms of Versailles They were entirely reconstructed in studios MGM) and the sensational costumes, precious creations Gilbert Adrian.

It is not surprising therefore, that the film, that was one of the best of the '30s, But it cost a fortune to Metro Goldwyn Mayer, the studio that produced it.

The plot, which also quite closely traces the major historical events of the time, however numerous grants freedom and insists, eg, considerably, the link between the sovereign and the Swedish Count Hans Axel Fersen (the nature of which, in reality, It has never been ascertained), whose interpretations are assigned to two of the most popular actors of the period, both by critics and audiences, or Norma Shearer, which he received a nomination Oscar just for this role, it's a Tyrone Power the height of his glorious though short career.

The video I've added to the bottom of the post, adapted from, collects a series of beautiful images taken on set, which I think is worth seeing, especially if you feed a certain passion for cinema, History and Marie Antoinette.

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