Although in order to understand the figure and the work of Grigorij Efimovič Rasputin (1869-1916) has been spilled rivers of ink, Russian monaco who wove his destiny to that of Romanov is still today one of the most mysterious and controversial in recent history.

Of humble origins and illiterate, but with an undeniable charisma that allowed him to become intimate of the imperial family, Rasputin came to create too many enmities and important part of the ancient and powerful Russian aristocracy, which eventually decided to eliminate it with a conspiracy that, by mode and implications, He has assumed mythical connotations.

Soon I will dedicate to Rasputin, his turbulent life and his complex personality, specific and more detailed post his History Pills, but in the meantime I recommend you watch the special that he devoted some time ago Discovery Channel, and attaching the video (adapted from youtube.com).

Despite the topic, the movie is rather light and smooth, explanations of Piero Angela are simple and understandable to everyone and images, brilliant idea of ​​the authors, They are taken from the film The case Rasputin (2011), in which a Gérard Depardieu as always amazing, He plays the monaco its nebulous first steps towards power and fame to the legendary death.

The video deserves to be seen if only for this.

Good vision (Photo gives: biografieonline.it).