Lucrezia Borgia (from a TV series)

Lucrezia Borgia (from a TV series)

On behalf of Lucrezia Borgia It was told everything and its opposite.

From time to time the victim or victimizer, poisoner callous or unlucky in love woman, daughter and devoted sister or incest, Women's vain and intriguing and intelligent and loving, in fact the true nature of the direct descendant of Pope Alexander VI, at a distance of five centuries from the events that saw her involved, the absolute uncertainty still reigns (you see

Probably, unless you jump out of new witnesses and documents detectors, the truth as to the nature and work of this young girl who, according to legend beautiful, nasty, It will remain forever locked within the walls of the great palaces in which he lived, I love, He ruled and died.

Although the latest historiographical trend is to an appreciation of the character, Voyager, the television program hosted by Robert Jacob, there has recently provided a portrait rather classic and traditional, that of a woman anything but helpless and therefore dark plots that saw her involved cumbersome family perfectly aware and responsible of the occurrence.

The video (gives is interesting and well-reconstructed historical facts: good vision (Photo gives: