Lady Oscar

Lady Oscar comic

The Cartoon It is famous and after decades away from onset television continues to maintain unchanged the success with the public, the film ( It was broadcast in Italy back in 1982 without much fanfare, ma Lady Oscar, and that some do not know, It is also a comic book.

In our country it was published for the first time in '82 on Corriere small, famous magazine dedicated to the young, but it was not the manga original, but an adaptation redesigned by Leone Cimpellin.

In the same year the comic Lady Oscar it was published, serialized and some cuts, also on Candy Candy, weekly Locksmiths addressed to young girls, until the same publisher Fabbri unspoken in print The adventures of Lady Oscar, this time in full (However both series, They were suspended before reaching the end of the story).

Probably the wake of the lasting fortune of the cartoon, in 1993 the Granata Press He decided to publish the entire comic in black and white in 20 volumetti, while in 2001 was the Panini, best known for his ten editions of figurines of soccer players, to repeat the cartoon blonde heroine this time in pocket size (Photo gives: