The balloon in Paris in 1783

The balloon in Paris in 1783

The brothers Joseph Michel e Jacques Étienne Montgolfier are the inventors of the balloon that works with hot air and from them is called hot air balloon.

But how things went?

The two inventors were able to obtain by the then King of France Louis XVI permission to test their creation and so, on a hot summer day 1783, a first loud report invited the curious crowd and anxiously waiting to be silent.

It took seven minutes to inflate the balloon, after which the “human anchors”, ie the workers who, hanging on the ropes, They held the balloon to the ground, They broke away and the mysterious object he could finally take flight along with its living load consists of a duck, a rooster and a sheep, as the ruler, not to endanger the lives of human beings, had forbidden any person came aboard to test the risky experiment.

The “travel” Over Paris he lasted eight minutes, of which, thanks to a telescope, Louis XVI lost not one, and healthy animals landed safe and sound.

So all is well, therefore there was no longer any reason not to repeat driving up men in the flesh.

They offered two noble volunteers, which they hovered in the air on a hydrogen balloon in front of about a hundred thousand people and the royal family 20 November 1783 (Photo gives: