The “of diamond necklace scandal”, which resulted in a famous process held in 1786, He came to overwhelm the already shaky reputation Queen of France Marie Antoinette.

In reality it was just an incredible plot hatched by greedy and mean characters behind the sovereign, completely foreign to each other.

In an article I wrote for notizie.it, ricostruii briefly the key stages of the case.

It seems like a masterpiece born from the imagination of a skilled writer, instead it really happened and ended up further undermining the foundations, already creaking for some time, on which the centuries-old monarchy of the Alps rested.



Portrait of Jeanne de la Motte Valois

Portrait of Jeanne de la Motte Valois

What went down in history as "The necklace scandal diamond " fu, in reality, a diabolical scam machined from obscure characters and ruthless behind the queen of France Maria Antonietta.

From this grotesque story, the woman was heavily compromised in name and dignity, despite his proven innocence and total estrangement from the facts.

The scandal of the diamond necklace: il Cardinale de Rohan e Jeanne de La Motte-Valois

It all started in the summer of 1785, when the sovereign learned of a curious fact whose consequences she could not foresee at all.

The jeweler Bohmer, asked her to pay a fabulous diamond necklace that, according to his statements, it was a gift from her husband Louis XVI.

Furthermore, the man said that a nobleman of the court, the Rohan Cardinale, He had contracted a secret loan to the queen's name to support the payment of the first installment conspicuous.

Obviously Marie Antoinette was perplexed.

She merely said that she had not received any collier a gift and do not know anything about this affair.

The rest, this was the truth.

They spent a few weeks and the Cardinal, in a state of arrest, he presented himself before the royal couple.

In his embarrassed defense, he mentioned some Contessa de La Motte-Valois, without knowing that he was actually a cheater.

Thanks to an out of the ordinary cunning, thanks to the female and to a certain dabbenaggine the prelate, the adventurer had convinced him to advance the money of the necklace giving him in return the certainty of being able to obtain the favors of the queen, who had never shown any sympathy for it.

During the plot Jeanne, He was even able to organize a secret meeting in the gardens of Versailles between the Cardinal and a prostitute, guise of Marie Antoinette.

A little bit of emotion, a little 'for the darkness, much to, let's call, naivety, Rohan had not noticed anything.

The trial and consequences for Marie Antoinette

Do a nacque process He became famous that took place in 1786.

At the end of it, the self-styled Countess De La Motte was condemned to be whipped and marked with a red-hot iron.

The high prelate was acquitted.

The incredible thing is that out of it worst of all it was the queen, whose reputation was tarnished forever hopelessly.

The Judges, Believing in the words of Cardinal, They had given credence to the legend that he wanted so frivolous and wasteful as to be able to spend astronomical sums for a jewel.

Marie Antoinette instead, for some time now, he had embarked on a more modest and adult type of life, You feeling compelled to not waste money at a difficult time for France (Article from: notizie.it) (photo: members.xoom.virgilio.it e joslinhall.com).