The last hours of Marie Antoinette in a painting

The last hours of Marie Antoinette in a painting

because post on Queen Marie Antoinette always a great success and are among the most read Pills of history, I add to those already written an old article I made for the site, where briefly reconstruct the last hours of life of the former queen of France, from captivity to the scaffold until the exhumation of the body and its final traverse to St Denis.

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Marie Antoinette to the scaffold

Marie Antoinette to the scaffold

The course proud and proud character Maria Antonietta he was able to esplicarsi clearly in his last, very difficult days of life; through an official document, We learn his immediate reaction to the verdict by the Revolutionary Court that condemned the guillotine:"He did not let leak the slightest sign of fear, indignation or weakness; down the steps without a word, without making any gesture, He crossed the room as if he could not see or hear anyone, and when he came before the bar where he was the crowd, He raised its head in all its majesty ".

To be seen and won demolished by those who killed, Marie Antoinette did not think their own.

The young maid who was next to the former queen in the last hours spent at Conciergerie before the gallows, Rosalie Lamorliére, He has left a precious memorial of those moments, obviously very useful from a historical point of view, because it tells so chronicle and certainly truthfully, the behavior of the sovereign in those delicate moments.

The girl, the morning of 16 October 1793, day execution, he went at seven in the cell of Marie Antoinette and asked her if she needed anything: "My daughter, I no longer need nothing, it's all over for me"It was the reply.

Eight o'clock came the guards to call upon it to prepare, forbidding her to wear black; Marie Antoinette then donned a robe pure white, the color of mourning for the queens of France.

After the Executioner Sanson The cut had beautiful long hair, The hands were tied behind his back, humiliation futile and repulsive, but the former Queen endured with resignation.

Unlike Louis XVI, that at least he had been conducted to the scaffold with a carriage and without physical constraints, Marie Antoinette was raised on a filthy jalopy for convicted and forced to sit on an uncomfortable wooden board that made her wince at every road imperfection; during the whole journey, he was able, weary, pale and haggard as he was, never look down, who always kept straight ahead if, and not to leave the slightest scratch from the injuries and heavy insults from the mouths of the common people who had gathered in the street to watch the sad procession, attitude that surprised them greatly.

Arrived on the fateful Revolution Square (Today de la Concorde), He refused to get help to get off the wagon and climbed the steps with courage and serenity.

some source (the veracity of which is not accepted by all) He tells the woman, up the steps that separated her from the guillotine, unintentionally he stepped on a foot to Executioner towards which, to apologize, He spoke these words disarming: "Excuse me, sir, I did not on purpose ".

Shortly after noon, the Executioner showed the head of the former sovereign to this people; his body was buried in the many mass graves cemetery of the Madeleine.

But it did not end there.

He spent a few years, the political situation changed, and ascended the throne of France, the name of Louis XVIII, brother of the former king Count of Provence that, perhaps in a regurgitation of conscience since he had not lifted a finger to save at the time the royal couple, He took care of at least find again the bodies to give them a proper burial.

And so it was; the remains of the former rulers were exhumed, recognized and buried in the crypt of St Denis, the church-cemetery of the French monarchs (Article gives: (Photo gives: e