Wolfang Amadeus Mozart

Wolfang Amadeus Mozart

About lovers of historical figures animals, a subject that is particularly close to heart and which, indeed, I worked several times in my blog, latest issue Focus History (112, February 2016) I found a nice list that includes some famous personalities of the past and their respective and whimsical animals, not the classical dogs and cats, but especially to say the least uncommon to keep at home (or in the palace): the list can be found below.

The great Austrian musician Wolfang Amadeus Mozart, for some years, He beo of a company canceled he himself bought in 1784; it seems that the nice, melodious little bird has even inspired some works.

A Lorenzo the Magnificent, undisputed master of Renaissance Florence, It was given a giraffa but he had no luck: shortly after his arrival in fact, the animal got stuck in the barn, He broke his neck and died.

Thomas Jefferson

Thomas Jefferson

Ad Henry III of England, in 1254, It was donated by the then King of France even a elephant.

At the Queen of England Elizabeth I, daughter of Henry VIII ed Anna Bolena, It was presented with a small guinea pig from South America, where these rodents were considered edible and consumed regularly at the table, but the Queen held it for company.

Giuseppina Beauharnais, first and never forgotten wife Napoleon, loved animals, but what “of the heart” was a orangutan female kept her with him for years.

He is aware of his passion for the west, Captain Zebulon Pike He gave the US president Thomas Jefferson a grizzly.

And what about Lord Byron?

When he lived in Trinity College Cambridge, where it was forbidden to keep dogs, the writer had to fall back on…a bear.

The irrepressible French general Lafayette, incredibly enough, She kept in a bathtub alligator with whom he enjoyed scaring guests.

In 1513 the king Manuel I of Portugal, as a sign of fidelity to the Catholic Church, he gave it to papa Leone X a magnificent specimen of white elephant.

The Danish astronomer Tycho Brahe (1546-1601) loved one’I raised which basically believed a family; the unfortunate animal, who had been perfectly trained, He died falling down stairs (Photo gives: metallized.it e abbevilleinstitute.org).