A girl of the '700

A girl of the '700

What was, usually, the make-up a habitual French lady of the '700?

The lucky ladies who had the opportunity to dwell in Versailles, but also a little noblewomen’ less highly placed, They spent hours and hours in front of the mirror every day to be fashionable and show up in the presence of others in the best way (you see https://www.pilloledistoria.it/4074/storia-moderna/complicata-maschera-bellezza-700 e https://www.pilloledistoria.it/4484/storia-moderna/bellezza-nel-700-latte-contro-labbronzatura).

The characteristics of the time predicted as a base for makeup white skin, similar to the color of the faces of porcelain dolls.

The above-mentioned coloring was obtained with creams and concoctions based Italian, a toxic compound as containing a high percentage of lead, but then it was not known.

The white lead gave the face a diaphanous appearance, smooth and polished, and he was able to perfectly hide the unsightly marks left by smallpox, a disease widespread in that period.

The trick then continued with touches of color for eyes, cheeks and lips.

The preferences were a whole range of rosa, up to crimson and violet: these were the hottest shades (Photo gives: ragazzedimezzastagione.wordpress.com).