Un'immagine tratta dal film franco-nipponico "Lady Oscar"

An image taken by the Franco-Japanese film “Lady Oscar”

There is nobody, I think, who does not know or has not ever seen Lady Oscar, Japanese cartoon set in the period immediately preceding the French Revolution, a resounding success that continues unabated to over 30 years after its creation and first airing.

The plot It is known to all: the personal and sentimental stories of the beautiful Oscar Francois de Jarjayes, He raised by his father as a man, overlap to a real historical background, interweaving, in a skilful and well calibrated mix of fantasy and truth, with political and social events that concerned the France in the period between the end of the reign of Louis XV and the outbreak of the Revolution.

if manga it is famous, much less so is the namesake and coeval film, who never got the same feedback, perhaps because too discordant, in terms of plot and characterization, from the same cardboard.

Although the Japanese production, the film Lady Oscar He was entrusted to the French royal Jacques Demy and to a cast entirely Western interpreters: Catriona Macoll in the title role, Christina Bohm in that of Marie Antoinette, Barry Stokes Andrew and di nei panni Jonas Bergstrom per heels.

Filmed in English and later dubbed in different languages, the film was broadcast in Italy on Christmas Eve of 1982, getting a lukewarm reception.

In our country, soundtrack and “rumors” choices for the film were the same as the cartoon, a device that was intended to make it somewhat more “familiar” the ears of viewers, but the idea, while good in itself, He did not produce the desired effect.

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