Example of eighteenth-century clothing of a noble French

Example of eighteenth-century clothing of a noble French

Shortly before the outbreak of French Revolution, that would bring, in addition to the known political and social upheaval, the royalties also to a complete renewal of fashion, the nobles traditionalists continued to remain rigidly faithful to the dictates of the so-called style “French way“, inaugurated by Sun King Louis XIV and remained virtually unchanged until then.

But he dressed as a French nobleman of the '700?

An ever-present head of the wardrobe of every gentleman of the time was the’habit embroidered, a jacket characterized by a long tail, embroidered and embellished with a large number of lace, as well as flashy linings in contrasting color with that of the main fabric.

Under the jacket flaunted himself the waistcoat (https://www.pilloledistoria.it/3183/storia-moderna/moda-maschile-francese-700-panciotto-capo-lusso), always realized in a precious fabric, from the damask satin, from silk to velvet, long and also up to the knee; the kilometer row of buttons, even gold and silver, that characterized, were only the first connected.

The most extravagant gentlemen wore vests similar to painted canvases, above embroidered with simple and stylized drawings, like flowers and crests, or decidedly complex and scenographic, such as landscapes and hunting scenes.

The lower part of the body was covered by panties, trousers that reached just below the knee, where they closed with precious buttons, e da socks lucid, usually silk.

Finally they could not miss the pretty and a little’ leziose toe shoes, with heel and buckle (precious and expensive) (Photo gives: pinterest.com).