Il dipinto di Tony Robert-Fleury intitolato "Maria Antonietta il mattino della sua esecuzione". The girl on the right is Rosalie Lamorlière imagined by the author

The painting by Tony Robert-Fleury entitled “Marie Antoinette on the morning of his execution”. The girl on the right is Rosalie Lamorlière imagined by the author

The name Rosalie Lamorliére says definitely the most recently, and it is probably known only by those who, when I was a child, come me, You not lost a Japanese cartoon episode Lady Oscar, that despite romanzandolo, It tells the historical period from the end of the reign of Luigi XV and the outbreak of French Revolution.

Rosalie is one of the main protagonists of the successful anime: good, sweet and generous, He grew up in the slums of Paris, after becoming a close friend of Oscar, she discovers to be noble and eventually marry a Jacobin journalist.

Well, the character is invented, He is inspired by a real life experience, and that woman was really, as also happens in the cardboard, l’last home Marie Antoinette, in the sense that witnessed the now ex Queen of France during the captivity Conciergerie, before the gallows.

La Rosalie di "Lady Oscar"

The Rosalie “Lady Oscar”

Very few biographical information Up girl: the “vera” Rosalie Lamorliére (1768-1848), He was definitely the daughter of a shoemaker, He had six siblings and had a child by his father remained unknown.

Until his death, occurred on 2 February 1848 in Paris, the woman was paid a board gives Maria Teresa Carlotta, eldest daughter of Marie Antoinette, but he never wanted to meet her.

The scant information arrived on behalf of Rosalie, refer to a kind and caring girl against the illustrious prisoner, which she was preparing to eat, He held in his order also helping the clothes to wear and, mostly, always he tried to comfort in every way.

The only portrait of Lamorliére was lost, then we know nothing of his appearance; the nineteenth-century painter Tony Robert-Fleury imagines and depicts young, pretty and modestly dressed, in painting titled Marie Antoinette on the morning of his execution (Photo gives: e