Kirsten Dunst è Maria Antonietta nel film "Marie Antoinette"

Kirsten Dunst Marie Antoinette film “Marie Antoinette”

In the last years of the reign of Luigi XV, the corte di Versailles It was animated by rivalry, all female, between the two leading ladies of France: Maria Antonietta, future queen and wife of Louis XVI, e Madame Du Barry, favored last in order of time the reigning King.

It was not just a story of gossip high-ranking capable of arousing the morbid curiosity of ladies and knights, but a thorny diplomatic affair that threatened to scupper the increasingly fragile alliance between France and Austria, so much so that at one point the most senior leaders of both states were forced to intervene.

But what had happened between the two women?

The young Maria Antonietta, just fourteen, he felt an instinctive dislike immediately against the Countess, actually described as a rather vulgar woman who liked to rule the roost in Versailles becoming stronger than his bond with the king; the unmarried daughters of Louis XV, Adelaide, Vittoria and Sofia, who had never endured the Du Barry, They blew on the fire by pushing the Delfina, also particularly influenced because of age, to openly oppose the mistress title.

Portrait of Madame Du Barry

Portrait of Madame Du Barry

Practically, for a long time Marie Antoinette did not speak to rival, which at one point he flew into a rage and he complained to the powerful mistress.

To convince the princess, stubborn nature, to capitulate, They were forced to intervene Louis XV himself, the big Maria Teresa and Ambassador Florimond Mercy d’Argenteau; Finally, a New Year's 1772, the girl, before a large crowd of nobles, Du Barry turned to the warmer these words: “There's a lot of people today in Versailles!”.

A trivial and forced sentence, But that was enough to calm the anger of the favorites and save the relations between France and Austria.

But that was the end: between the two women never He established a friendship (photo: e,_contessa_Du_Barry).