Sharon Tate, alla quale è dedicata la prima puntata di "Troppo giovani per morire"

Sharon Tate, to which the first episode of “Too young to die”

Sharon Tate, Kurt kobain, Natalie Wood, Heath Ledger, John Belushi e Philip Seymour Hoffman they are all famous actors and singers united by a tragic fate, what to be died too soon in violent and often mysterious circumstances, even if after having achieved a dazzling success and fame in his career.

It will air tomorrow 23 January 2016, in the late evening on Raitre, the first of six documentaries, taken from a German series, dedicated to the characters mentioned above, men and women who have entered the myth, but full of fragility and character weaknesses that have compromised its existence, breaking it prematurely.

Too young to die (Too young to die) starts from the terrible story of Sharon Tate, the beautiful actress wife of the director Roman Polanski killed eight months pregnant together with some friends from Charles Manson and his followers in’August 1969 (, a case of crime that due to the notoriety of the victims and the extreme brutality with which the massacre was carried out, it had a strong resonance all over the world and shook the consciences of many.

Too young to die it does not limit itself to reconstructing the stark chronicle of the events dealt with, rather, it tries to provide viewers with a portrait of the unfortunate protagonists as close as possible to the real one, far from the public image that we know of them (Photo gives: