Today's doodle

Today's doodle

The cute and colorful doodle that Google It shows us today, It has the merit of making us (ri)to discover Wilbur Scoville, a character perhaps not so popular, but interesting in its own way brilliant, Born on 22 January 1865, so exactly 151 Years ago.

But who was he?

An American chemist who owes his global and lasting fame to the fact that he created the S.O.T (Scoville Organoleptic Test), which in turn led to the creation of the famous Scoville Scale, which serves to measure the degree of hotness of…chili pepper.

That's why the doodle, that is animated, It presents us with the mustachioed scientist struggling with a large number of red chillies; clicking on the drawing, It will open in a moment the page with all search results related to the student and his work (Photo gives: e

The & quot; true" face Scientist

The “vero” face Scientist