Courtesans in Venice

Courtesans in Venice

The courtesans of Venice, during the Renaissance, to stand out from the other women they adopted a look particular, the characteristic and distinctive features, studied in detail and deliberately showy (you see

The shoes were probably what most struck eyes.

At the foot of these ladies could be admired footwear nothing short of original, small masterpieces of architecture up to high 30-40 centimeters, able to lift them literally from the ground as if they were steps.

The motivation for this extravagance, however, was more practical than aesthetic, as these rudimentary “wedges” They had the principal function of promoting a peaceful walk on muddy roads, uncomfortable and highly uneven era.

Too bad that the height was so exaggerated as to be itself a danger to the courtesans, forced into public outlets, to be accompanied by support and two maids (Photo gives: