A portrait of Rose Bertin, creator of & quot; puce"

A portrait of Rose Bertin, creator of “puce”

For a certain period of time, a Palace of Versailles, Maria Antonietta She laid down the law in terms of fashion.

Practically, all that the queen wore, It was promptly imitated by the court ladies.

Long-Marie was a follower of Rose Bertin, famous French fashion that dealt with hairstyles and clothes: twice a week she went to the palace and showed the sovereign all the latest news.

Once Rose Bertin, which in fact they did not lack creativity and imagination, He created a fabric of a particular shade, a kind of brownish to reddish tending, that Louis XVI called “puce”.

Time few days and Versailles was literally flooded with clothes and accessories in this new nuance.

The original puce was soon comes in several styles, from “old flea” to that “young”, from “belly” al “Flea thigh”…

in conclusion, the important thing was to show off something, garment or accessory that was, Remember the cute pet (Photo gives: detaconesymas.com).