of a few centuries ago cannibalism Scene

of a few centuries ago cannibalism Scene

A few days ago I arrived reporting a book on a difficult subject, and the unusual and certainly: the Cannibalism in the Middle Ages.

The eating of the flesh of other human beings, at least under certain circumstances, it was not, apparently, or a very rare case, neither really that outrageous centuries ago.

To learn more, I refer you to read the text “The savage meal. medieval Antropofagie” (ed. Il Mulino) of Angelica A. Montanari (I buy it and read it too soon), the presentation as well as me has been sent and that following faithfully carry and vision dell'interessantissimo video which was attached to’email.



Copertina del libro "il fiero pasto" Angelica A. Montanari

Book cover “the savage meal” Angelica A. Montanari

A very special historical essay, cannibalism in the Middle Ages, that perhaps it might be interested ...

THE PROUD MEAL. medieval Antropofagie.”

A journey full of surprises in the folds of European Middle Ages, which brings to light a substantial harvest of cases which demonstrate that the men at that time, in different circumstances and for different reasons, They were to eat human flesh: not only in emergency situations such as famine and the long sieges, but also as an act of insult against the enemy or, Conversely, as an act of veneration and love (photo: www.tramineraromatico.wordpress.com e www.bolognain.info) (Videos: www.youtube.com).