From a TV drama: the famous hair of Lucrezia Borgia

From a TV drama: the famous hair of Lucrezia Borgia

Some time ago I wrote a post ( the famous blond hair Lucrezia Borgia, or better, on lock which of them is preserved, inside a transparent theca, at the Ambrosiana Library in Milan.

Today I add some further curiosity this crown remained legendary for extraordinary beauty, apparently, the contraddistingueva.

The origin of the lock of hair in question is still debated, but it seems that was found among the personal papers of the poet Pietro Bembo, with which it seems almost certain that the daughter of Pope had woven a love affair.

Not by chance, always in the Milanese art gallery, It is also kept busy correspondence that the two (perhaps) lovers exchanged.

Probably Lucrezia gave the artist a lock of his hair greatly admired as a token of love.

The English writer George Byron, that he was able to see them when he visited Milan in 1816, It was so much impressed by defining them “more like gold than anything else”.

But how do these hairs to remain in perfect condition, soft and bright as they had been freshly cut, after centuries?

On this aspect is born a legend, according to which it is the same as that Lucrezia, dedicated to the commemoration of the dead night, back to the museum for personal care prendersene (Photo gives: