Dalla fiction "I Borgia": Lucrezia dà alla luce il piccolo "infante romano", had, perhaps, da Pedro Calderon, said Perotto

from fiction “I Borgia”: Lucrezia gives birth to the small “Roman infant”, had, perhaps, da Pedro Calderon, said Perotto

Shortly before the annulment of his marriage to Giovanni Sforza, the young Lucrezia Borgia It was sent by relatives in the convent of San Sisto.

The forced retreat, including long hours of prayer and times perfectly scanned, However it was soon enlivened by visits, as more and more frequent hand, the papal messenger Pedro Calderon, a nice guy everyone calls Perotto.

predictably, including the daughter of Alexander VI and the handsome Spanish born a romantic relationship that the two interested parties were forced to live in hiding to avoid arousing the ire of women relatives dell'ingombrante, but to no avail precautions, subterfuge and discretion, because Lucrezia was pregnant and lovers were discovered.

Perhaps never before on that occasion the girl had to realize how little mattered aspirations and personal feelings in front of the will and the cruelty of his father and brother, although most was to lose, as all too easy to guess, poor Perotto.

On its end, the sources are conflicting, because if some want him dead of starvation in bleak prisons Vatican, other, more credible, They recall that it was instead killed by the fierce hand Cesare, he would not hesitate to run him through with his sword before the same Pope; however, certain that, After the sudden disappearance, his body was brought to the surface by increasing gross waters of the Tiber blood along with that of Pantasilea, hapless lady Lucretia guilty of having paid to do “ruffiana” the two lovers.

Regarding the fate of the little boy born of Lucrezia, to this day it remains a mystery.

If for someone the child died newborn, in contrast to other survived and went down in history as Roman infant” (https://www.pilloledistoria.it/3633/storia-moderna/figlio-segreto-lucrezia-borgia) born in 1848 and baptized with the name of Giovanni Borgia.

But can not go back to the paternity of this child: Alexander VI once attributed it to himself, another to Caesar (to cover the gallant adventure of daughter?), But for ordinary people, he was the product of incest between the pope and daughter.

Or perhaps the boy could be born of the relationship between Alexander and Giulia Farnese…in conclusion, absolute unknown (Photo gives: theborgias.wikifoundry.com)