Parmigiano Reggiano

Parmigiano Reggiano

well yes, the Parmigiano Reggiano, flagship of Italian gastronomy, It boasts far medieval origins, that Emiliano Friends, with accuracy and precision, traces in post following.

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Giovanni Boccaccio, che nominò il Parmigiano Reggiano nel suo "Decamerone"

Giovanni Boccaccio, who appointed Parmigiano Reggiano in his “Decamerone”

Did they know that Parmigiano has medieval origins, exactly the twelfth century: was even Boccaccio, in Decamerone to appoint, When, speaking of plenty, described a mountain of grated Parmesan over which “stavan genti, that nothing else were making” [1], do macaroni and ravioli ".

This shows that in all likelihood Parmigiano also existed centuries before with a similar recipe to the famous cheese “The Piacentino“, just think that even Pliny e Martial They speak of a produce their own cheese in Cisalpine areas, Luni after being brought through their own branded with the symbol of the city, a moon.
The production technique It was very similar to the present and thanks to Benedictine monks, particularly adept in agriculture, the marshes were drained to make the territories suitable for a major crop; just think that to begin production also served 500 liters of milk for only 30 kg of cheese!
And so it was right near the castles born small buildings with a polygonal shape, i tollbooths, acts precisely the production of cheese.
Monks discovered in their laboratories that partially skimming the milk and heating it twice at a given temperature was possible to obtain a dry product, with a little water and then easily storable for a long time.
Parmigiano DOC has always been a product of the Italian culture, and even today is one of the most counterfeited.
[1] Taken from the Eighth Day, Novel III of Boccaccio's Decameron: Calandrino, Bruno and Buffalmacco down the Mugnone go in quest of the heliotrope, Calandrino believe if you found; returneth against stones house; His wife chides, and he disturbed the beats, and 'he tells his comrades that they know better than him (Article written by Emiliano Friends per (Photo gives: e