Marlene Dietrich e Claudette Colbert

Marlene Dietrich e Claudette Colbert

L'ambiguity It was one of “strong cards” played by Marlene Dietrich to be and to remain for a long time to the forefront of jet-set international, a gimmick you probably would not even have given the undeniable artistic talent that was not surprise, but he certainly helped to make it a rumored character and always ahead of the curve.

Described as a sentimental passionate woman, Dietrich wove numerous flirt both men with women, although for the most part only alleged.

They were defined as “affectionate friendships” ties with the diva Mercedes de Acosta (Also lover Greta Garbo) and with the great French singer Edith Piaf, rumors have never been denied either by the person or, much less, by movie studios, indeed intent to feed the image of the actress gossip for economic purposes.

Another famous amorous conquest of Dietrich, It would be connected Claudette Colbert, the “fringe” most popular brunette Hollywood.

The veracity or otherwise of such flirt all women is obviously not ascertainable, ma alleged bisexuality Marlene Dietrich was a key to which writers and directors also fought very, much to be desired that the actress recited often in men's clothes (Photo gives: