Buste di Statilia Messalinas

Buste di Statilia Messalinas

The Messalina History is certainly the most famous Valeria, rumored wife of Emperor Claudio, become in the centuries (there is no doubt whether rightly or wrongly) the same symbol of lust unrestrained.

The least known Statilia Messalinas (35-65 d.C. circa) Instead it was the last wife Nerone, woman on whom we actually know very little, apart from the fact that it was equipped with a personality rather sly, similar to that of Poppea, married since fickle Emperor previously.

And indeed, after having been the mistress of Nero, convolò the woman in marriage with him only a few months after the death of Poppea (Messalina for it was the fifth marriage).

Described by sources as beautiful and sensual, but also cultured and refined, Statilia Messalina was close to her husband in Greece and in his heyday, but as soon as they sensed the end imminent, deftly he defiles and even did not attend his burial ceremony.

There is little other information about the existence of this smart lady, However we do know that Otone, Nero's successor, her for his wife by getting her a rebuff (Photo gives: wikipedia.org).