Anna Bolena depicted in a sculpture. From '500 to date, si contano numerose "apparizioni" the ghost of Anne Boleyn

Anna Bolena depicted in a sculpture. From '500 to date, there are numerous “appearances” the ghost of Anne Boleyn

Believe it or not, stories, anecdotes and curiosities ghosts They are part of every culture and belong to the popular tradition of all nations.

what Anna Bolena, ill-fated second wife Henry VIII, It is perhaps the most famous of England ghost: for ages now, it is sighted, accompanied by the head or less, in the corridors of gloomy Tower of London, where the woman was held captive before being beheaded 19 May 1536 by order of the faithless wife, already subdued by the graces of Jane Seymour, whom he married in a few days.

Even if you really intriguing and ruthless in many ways, Anna was innocent safe faced accusations of incest, adultery, witchcraft and high treason, real inventions created on purpose by the evil Henry and some of its entourage for out of the way (; perhaps the sense of guilt and a shred of remorse for having put to death the mother of his youngest daughter Elisabetta, They caused to the vision monarch, as he himself later admitted and told, a Bolena wandering through the rooms of the royal palace with his head under his arm.

will not count, since, frequent and disturbing “appearances” of the Queen, that in 1864 even caused the fainting of a guard It is in the 1960 He conversed amiably chatting with canon and scholar of the family Tudor William Sandford Pakenham Walsh.

To date, there are those who swear to see and hear in the dark London nights, The Anne Boleyn's ghost wandering among the very rooms where the girl lived the last dramatic days of his short life (Photo gives: