Una scena del film "Patria"

A scene from the film “Homeland”

In this post point out the’output the next 26 February in the halls of the film “Homeland”, of Felice Farina, inspired by the book Enrico Deaglio and starring Francesco Pannofino, Roberto Citran e Carlo Giuseppe Gabardini.

Below, in breve, the plot of the film, which is distributed by Istituto Luce-Cinecittà.
The factory closes and fires, yet another in Turin.
Three men, in protest, anger, for solidarity, They come together one night to occupy a factory tower.
I am Salvatore Brogna (Francesco Pannofino), worker, Giorgio (Roberto Citran), worker union representative, and Luca (Carlo Giuseppe Gabardini), employed visually impaired and autistic.
Three paths, characters, Political Views, quite the opposite.
Forgotten by everyone, desperately waiting to arrive some journalist, perhaps a tv, these three points of view so different about the world retrace the last thirty years of the life of the country, the years that brought them on that tower dangerous.
Dal Moro kidnapping in demonstrations in Mirafori, by Mafia massacres to the earthquake in Irpinia, the faces and the words the world of Fiat Gianni Agnelli and Cesare Romiti, to those of Di Pietro Tangentopoli, Mario Chiesa, Raul Gardini, and even Craxi, Berlinguer, Berlusconi, through the World Cup 82 and the missed penalty by Roberto Baggio in '94.
Until the factory tonight.
Years wasted opportunities, of betrayed hopes, of crimes and massacres, of reversals and power games.
Li also we'll see this year, through images and archival memories and, as a counterpart of this dance event, It remains the common sense of three men with no power, hanging on top of a tower, waiting for someone, anyone, while unconsciously they build a friendship (Photo gives: cinemaitaliano.info).