Julia pictorial representation in Ventotene

Julia pictorial representation in Ventotene

Although the Emperor Augusto He was certainly very attached to his only daughter Giulia, with the passage of time, it seems that the disappointment and the bitterness due to libertine behavior, unscrupulous and unregulated, or that he believed that, young, it led to a significant change of sentiment to the extreme decision to send the girl into exile.

Giulia was then relegated to the small and so remote islet Pandataria (Ventotene), though, perhaps, Many years later she was allowed to return to the continent, probably at Reggio Calabria, where he would die in 14 d.C., the same year that his father died.

The historian and biographer Svetonio tells that, desperate at the thought of having a child from such behavior, every time I felt appoint, Augustus was usually exclaim:

“Oh, He had remained unmarried and died childless!”

Bursting into tears every time (Photo gives: wikipedia.org).