A cart of ice cream (fine '800)

A cart of ice cream (fine ‘800)

L’Artusi, famous cookbook was printed in 1891, He devotes an entire chapter, the last one, al gelato (you see also https://www.pilloledistoria.it/10375/storia-contemporanea/gelatina-di-fragole-in-gelo-dallartusi).

This is the recipe, who reported verbatim, to prepare homemade “Lemon ice cream“:

“Ingredients: fine white sugar grams 300, half liter water, 3 lemons.

Being able to, it is better use of lemon trees that are most grateful taste and more fragrant than strangers, who often know they seethed. Boil sugar in water with a few pieces of lemon peel, per 10 minutes uncovered saucepan. When this syrup is cooled,, spremetegli dentro and lemons, one by one, tasting the mixture as a rule of the agro; pass it and pour it into the ice cream maker. This recipe serves six people” (Photo gives: arteneisensi.it).