Joaquin Phoenix interprata Commodo nel "Il gladiatore". I senatori romani soprannominarono Commodo "Imperatore gladiatore" a sign of contempt

Joaquin Phoenix Lending net interprata “Gladiator”. The Roman senators dubbed Commodus “Emperor Gladiator” a sign of contempt

Hypocrisy and flattery are evils of all time and often belong to high environments both culturally and politically.

There was no exception, indeed it could be called the emblem, l’entourage Emperor at the time of Ancient Rome, whatever the reference period.

The case of please It is an example of more than significant; son (perhaps) big Marco Aurelio, that bore no resemblance to his father in almost anything, He was hated because of its quirks and ferocity that never failed to show in various situations, but fearing the reactions deadwood, It took care not to say so openly, as long as he was alive.

After conspiracy which put an end to his days (, having finally free field, The Senate broke demonstrating all the anger and resentment that for years had been forced to repress; Commodus was contemptuously nicknamed emperor Gladiator, because if it had been possible to tolerate his boundless passion for games, get to take part, for a member of the aristocracy, It was considered an act socially objectionable and not permissible.

So Commodus found himself sarcastically apostrophe and openly mocked by the very people who, in the past, They had never missed an opportunity to enhance their physical vigor and strength uncommon (Photo gives: