Vittorio Emanuele II

Vittorio Emanuele II

So let us just one point: that Victor Emmanuel II of Italy, first king of Italy, He was biologically the son of a butcher, is just a’hypothesis never confirmed and therefore remains relegated, in the absence of new developments, to the field of “tittle-tattle”.

However, some scholars, bringing into question the dubious explanation strange coincidences, feel quite likely the possibility that the illustrious monarch, far from being a descendant of the Italian royal house, he actually origins quite dark and popular.

About this I wrote for the portal a article which I will then propose again.


Vittorio Emanuele II

Face of Vittorio Emanuele II. Among the most famous historical gossip, There is what they want the first king of Italy son actually a butcher

Vittorio Emanuele II (1820-1878), Last King of Sardinia and first king of Italy, son of Carlo Alberto of SavoiaCarignano and of Maria Teresa HabsburgTuscany, maybe it was not really him ...!

According to some historians in fact, behind the person known as the Father of the Nation, it would be a hidden intrigue, due to the need of the hour, which would force some people to make a strategic mistaken identity, the same that one day he would sit on the national throne the son of a butcher and not the legitimate scion of Savoy.

It seems the plot of a film, instead the voice had put about a century ago by the statesman Massimo D'Azeglio, and doubt, at long distance, It is not yet completely extinguished.

But how would the events took place and what would happen to the "real" Vittorio Emanuele?

The fire and replacement

It is said that, during a night in which the royal family was in Florence Palazzo Pitti guest of the Grand Duke of Tuscany, would occur a fire due to a slip candle to the nurse intent to take care of the little future king, and that both, woman and child, They would have been killed in the disaster.

At the pain immediately he joined the concern for the fate of the dynasty, when it had to absolutely guarantee an heir.

So, during that same night, someone knocked at the house of a butchers couple who lived in front of Palazzo Pitti, Parents of an infant born the same day he had seen the light of the unfortunate prince, the 14 March.

After the assurance that the little one would be treated like a son and that therefore he would enjoy every care, replacing definitely went into port.

The physicality of Vittorio Emanuele II

In reality, there is no evidence capable of confirming this suggestive thesis, but his supporters point lot on physical characteristics the first king of Italy, objectively different, if not opposed, those of ladyfingers ancestors, all long-limbed, lean and distinct look.

Vittorio Emanuele II, Unlike, was low and brevilineo, plump, and moreover rather rough and coarse in the ways.

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