Joaquin Phoenix interpreta Commodo nel film "Il gladiatore". In reality, the end of the tyrant was decided by a palace coup

Please explain net Joaquin Phoenix film “Gladiator”. In reality, the end of the tyrant was decided by a palace coup

The stubborn commitment please to make themselves hated by everyone, had the effect of causing a conspiracy for out of the way, with great general satisfaction.

It seems that Commodus, Roman Emperor son (officially) degenerate immense Marco Aurelio, to which not assomogliava in nothing, He has done everything to be hated, succeeding to perfection; It can endure no more of his gratuitous cruelty and its unbearable quirks, it was decided to delete it to free the city from its oppressive tyranny.

At the end of December of the year 192 d.C., please, It has a rather eccentric personality, He announced that the first day of the year would be presented before the people as a gladiator (The gladiatorial games had always been his greatest passion), but it was betrayed by the people closest to him: mistress all'epoca “in charge” Marcia Demetriade and the praetorian prefect Emilio Leto, They decided to accelerate events previously established.

On their order the athlete Narcisso, with whom they had agreed, often training partner Emperor, Commodus grabbed by the neck and squeezed until the man, which had 31 years, He trailed in his hands (Photo gives: