Norma Shearer in "Maria Antonietta" (1938). The queen of France loved to wear diamonds

Norma Shearer in “Maria Antonietta” (1938). The queen of France loved to wear diamonds

The great passion of the queen Maria Antonietta for diamonds It is history.

They liked it so much these precious stones, that the young queen never missed an opportunity to sfoggiarle; wrists, the fingers, the ears, on clothes, even her hair, every moment was good to show their wonderful jewels.

E’ only right to add, however,, at that time, diamonds not absolved to a purely ornamental function, because they were associated with magical powers and it was believed that possess ditches from wicked and diseases spells protection warranty, the more reason, and more than valid, so it will not fail in its casket of precious.

When Marie Antoinette bought a pair of earrings made of three diamonds each, of pure and incredible brightness cutting, the sight of which her husband Louis XVI , long accustomed to the ongoing expenses of his wife, exclaimed: "No wonder the queen is always without money given his taste for diamonds". (photo: