The Roman Emperor please, Figure recently resurfaced thanks to the film Gladiator, in which a psychotic Emperor rivaled and finally fought with the protagonist Russel Crowe, He was one of the most hated politicians in the history of Rome.

While wanting to speculate that some contemporary writer he could have walked hand in dipingerne nefarious actions, perhaps for excessive passion or personal dislike, the sources are so consistent in narratives, that it is impossible to doubt their truthfulness.

Joaquin Phoenix interpreta Commodo nel film "Il gladiatore"

Please explain net Joaquin Phoenix film “Gladiator”

Commodus was the exact opposite of his father Marco Aurelio, man of exceptional gifts (it is doubtful even that was really the son, and it seems more likely that the mother, Faustina Minor, it has conceived with a gladiator): vile, cruel, ruthless, Commodus manifested as early as the bad boy character who would later led to a policy characterized by terror and turpitude of all kinds.

An episode of all: a 12 years, annoyed at having found the bath water at a temperature too cold for his liking, Commodus did not hesitate to order that the orderly officer imperial baths were burnt alive, a horror finally avoided only thanks to a clever trick.

With the passage of time, far from improving as the father would have wanted, Commodus showed the worst side: rather than get involved in politics and military issues, who hated, he preferred to participate in bloody games that aroused fear and awe among the senators.

Please bowed le hunting, or fights between men and beasts, but if a spectator struggling and waving in inciting fight, when the protagonist of the meeting was himself, being coward and right up to capacity, He was careful to adapt the rules to ensure their personal safety would not run any danger.

In 192 there was an episode particularly raw and with free and unjustified violence: well protected in a shooting inside the tower 'Flavian Amphitheater, please Bears killed percent for fun, and in the days following, in the grip of a blind and absurd fury, He exterminated a lot of animals idifesi.

In hunting ostriches finally, It proved a staggering cruelty: hit with arrows that cut suddenly neck and net, the poor animals, Once wounds, They continued to run for a few seconds headless.