Bust of Gallienus

Bust of Gallienus

We can not say that the official historiography has been soft against the Roman Emperor gallieno, considered an immoral man, incapable and contemptible (because it was also an awkward, it may, however, assume a certain exaggeration desired in the paint strokes with much negative).

Regardless of the alleged defects or real the young Emperor, But we can be certain that he had no missing irony, dowry from him amply demonstrated by a series of anecdotes Fun concerning him handed down through the centuries and became famous.

Below I tell one of the most famous, narrated in history Augusta.

One day, the presence of Gallienus, a hunter was led into the arena and put in front of a very large bull; for ten consecutive times the man took aim and tried to hit the animal, failing miserably.

Eventually the emperor decided to reward with a crown as, said, in such a circumstance was not hit harder than hitting the bull.

in conclusion, a feat (www.farm4.staticflickr.com).