The head of Ottavia is shown to Poppea. Painting John Bringell

The head of Ottavia is shown to Poppea. Painting John Bringell

When in the life of Nerone irruppe the unconventional Poppea, unscrupulous woman for whom the emperor had lost his head, he found himself unable to repudiate his lawful wife Ottavia, daughter of Claudio, who had adopted him, and of Valeria Messalina, so too visible to be dismissed as nothing had.

At this objective and seemingly insurmountable obstacle, It was added the particular, no small matter, the irreproachable conduct of Octavia, who lived cloistered life, far from the palace quarrels and in whose exemplary behavior in all circumstances, public or private that it was, He could not find any trace of even a small mole that could serve as a pretext to dispel it.

But here we are talking about Nerone, one that the loophole, at any cost, always he was.

In this case it was a vile character belonging to his entourage to serve as his shoulder and to enable it to develop such an evil plan as despicable: this individual you autoaccusò of adultery, stating at the same time that Octavia had betrayed her husband, a malevolent falsehood obviously, but enough to banish the innocent woman in the remote and tricky Ventotene Island.

A cruel and undeserved, that not even served to allay the anxiety of blood that had long clouded the mind of Nero: in 62 d.C, probably instigated by the same Poppea, As for that treachery it was second to none, Ottavia had killed treacherously and ordered that the head of the unfortunate were brought to Rome, so that it can offer as a gift to his new wife.

This was one of the worst atrocities committed by Nero during his reign, a hideous murder and no charge worthy of a depraved and cowardly personality (Photo gives: