A scene from the movie westerns & quot; The great train robbery"

A scene from the movie westerns “The great train robbery”

The dawn of Cinema and essential information on first western film History in an article I wrote for the portal notizie.it and I propose again below.



Another scene in the movie

Another scene in the movie

The film The great Train Robbery of the 1903, lasting only ten minutes, It was the first western of history of the cinema, that just at that time he knew his first magic moments.

The film was shot by Edwin S. Porter, former cameraman of a troupe of Thomas Edison.

The plot was based on a real event that happened in the news 1900, when four members of the gang of Butch Cassidy, known as the gang of the "hole in the wall", They stormed a train Union Pacific robbing a haul of over 5000 dollars, enormous sum at that time.

The film is constituted 14 hand-crafted scenes, but they are utilized to turn the mounting techniques and positioning of the cameras completely innovative.

in the meantime, the "Electric Theater" It spreads among the people always making new converts.

Wherever they built cinemas.

In the countryside, in the absence of suitable environments, is they set up special tents where more and more fans, men, women and children, They went to see the first "moving pictures".

It was the’ of that art film starts to be developed during the twentieth century, becoming one of the most important discoveries and greater impact (Article adapted from: notizie.it) (Photo gives: enteirtainment.time.com e britannica.com).