A scene from the television film dedicated to Princess Sissi

A scene from the television film dedicated to Princess Sissi

Anorexia, depression, neurosis, strong melancholy, there are many names given indefinite but steady malaise that accompanied him throughout his life, with the sole exception, perhaps, childhood and early adolescence, Empress of Austria Elisabetta Bavaria, but despite assumptions and conjectures, to date the origin of the mysterious “Sissi disease” it remains unknown, or at least it remains largely.

What is certain is that the sun's image, Smiling and a little’ the sickly sweet beautiful princess, is more cinematic invention that the historical reality, It is long since been ascertained by biographers and experts, the dull and often elusive character of the beloved wife of Franz Joseph.

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Romy Schneider in Sissi shoes

Romy Schneider in Sissi shoes

If you too, come me, you have seen dozens and dozens of times film dedicated to the series Princess Sissi played by the beautiful Romy Schneider, the idea that there will be made of the character is that of a cheerful woman, sweet and a little 'saccharine, destined to a golden and happy life of privelegiato toccatole role in fate.

Well, nothing more wrong.

Real life, usually, It is always more complicated than fiction, and that of Elisabeth of Bavaria He was no exception; anything but cheerful and carefree, one of the most beloved and celebrated sovereign of all time, It was actually a woman with a strong personality neurotic forever in search of new emotions and feelings that would allow it to evade, even momentarily, from cramped "cage" material and psychological in which he felt locked.

Sissi was so ill?

The answer is yes, but what suffering is not known in a certain way.

The melancholy It was certainly a typical trait of his character, manifested in an even earlier age, but with the passage of time, also because of the deep pain that undermined the spirit, starting with the violent death of his son Rodolfo, that he could never fully accept and overcome, it turned into something more rooted and all-encompassing, which manifested itself, always more often, in real obsessions, than for physical beauty, who cared so manic, fixed idea of ​​death.

Sissi slept badly, He was always sad and ate very little, much to weigh less than 50 chili, too few for a woman taller than one meter seventy centimeters; Furthermore, a persistent cough and nagging, often accompanied by fever, He convinced his family to consult a doctor, that after a first diagnosis of tuberculosis, and he prescribed as a cure clean air and sun.

The Empress then undertook a series of trips in the beautiful seaside towns, Madeira (Portugal) Corfu (Greece) to the South of Italy, but with the passing of months it became apparent that the woman was suffering from psychosomatic disorders originated by restlessness congenital and structural, which is in crisis, superintendence of depression alternating with an anxious desire for new challenges and adventures.

The constant desire for travel and discovery, which he led Sissi to be affectionately dubbed by his subjects Empress locomotive, It was actually the most obvious manifestation, and not the most serious, of those psychological and nervous disorders that undermined all my life the sovereign of Austria the beloved health (Article adapted from: notizie.it) (Photo gives: static.rbcasting.com e filmscoop.it).