Daily life in Versailles. Madame Campan, nelle sue "Memorie" It provides us, among others, some anecdotes about Christmas in court

Daily life in Versailles. Madame Campan, in his “Memory” It provides us, among others, some anecdotes about Christmas in court

Although we can be certain of the importance attributed to Christmas in the very Catholic French court, the sources on how the anniversary were expected and celebrated within the Palace of Versailles scarce in number and in particular, Therefore we are forced to treasure the few anecdotes left to us to reconstruct the atmosphere and customs.

In this regard it very valuable text reveals Memoirs of the private life Marie Antoinette, followed by historical memories and anecdotes about the reigns of Louis XIV-XV, written by Jeanne-Louise-Henriette Campan, or simply Madame Campan, as it is more known safe, first maid of Marie Antoinette Room, an essay that is an invaluable mine of information about pre-revolutionary France, and especially, the private and daily lives of kings and courtiers.

L’story following, taken from the aforementioned book, shows such as Christmas should be, at least for Marie Antoinette, particularly training and education time for his two small kids, invited to appear magnanimous and generous to the less fortunate peers:

…Wanting to give her children a charitable lesson (Regina) he ordered me to bring from Paris, as in other years, New Year's Eve, all the trendy games and expose them in his cabinet. Then taking her children by the hand, He showed them all the dolls, all the mechanisms that were on show and told them that he had the intention of getting them nice presents, but the cold made the poor unfortunate that all his money had been used for blankets, household for the season and to give them bread, so this year would not have had the pleasure of seeing all these novelties….” (Photo gives: gutenberg.org).