Una scena tratta dal film "Marie Antoinette". La regina amava molto il "faraone", a card game

A scene from the film “Marie Antoinette”. The queen was very fond “Pharaoh”, a card game

Louis XVI He did not like and not look favorably on the gamble, an activity for which his wife instead Maria Antonietta, for a certain period of his life, in truth fairly short, literally he went crazy.

The biggest recreational passion of the queen was "Pharaoh“, a complicated card game of Venetian origin that court had been banned just for King, but since Marie Antoinette had a strong influence on her husband, that rarely he could be less to a poll, he managed to wrest consent to play, provided, however,, that you did for one night.

Only that the "evening" in question lasted for two consecutive days, in which the queen, and not for the first time, lost capital.

Louis XVI, forced to draw attention to the vibrant wife, I scolded severely by reminding her that he had authorized a single game.

And she, smiling and disarming, He retorted: "And, but you have not set the duration!”.

The anger of the king vanished into a smile (Photo gives: alexdailythought.blogspot.it).