Nefertiti Bust

Nefertiti Bust

attached picture you can see one of female busts most beautiful of ancient history.

The pictured face is the perfect one of the Egyptian queen Nefertiti, belonging to XVIII dynasty (1370-1330 a.C.).

The sculpture is so well made and beautifully preserved by having even raised some legitimate doubt about its authenticity.

Look carefully at the work and the face that it depicts.

The facial skin is smooth, compact and uniform, large eyes and elongated are perfectly made-up, the eyebrows are bushy, dark and well-delineated, the nose is long and thin and full mouth, enhanced by lipstick, cracks a slight smile and aristocratic.

A astonish is mainly the sense of noble grace and almost rarefied face emanates.

The figure, 47 centimeters in height throughout, It is made painted limestone with strong, vibrant colors, typical of ancient Egyptian works.

Oxide of copper and iron, respectively, were obtained by the blu access and the rosa, from the arsenic sulfide yellow, from copper Shining green, from the coal nero, the chalk, finally, the pure white.

The exhibit is currently at the new museum Berlin, despite Egypt will ask for some time to return (Photo gives: