The French Revolution It was not only a triumph of lofty ideals and great causes, but also a period of endless horrors, the majority of which unmotivated and totally senseless.

what the Princess Lamballe was a brutal murder committed by a horde of merciless criminals at the expense of an innocent and defenseless woman.

Essere intima e fedele amica di Maria Antonietta it was one “fault” inaccettabile all’epoca e la sventurata pagò con la vita.

Too often he died as well during the Revolution: in no way.

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Portrait of the Princess Lamballe

Portrait of the Princess Lamballe

Of all the crimes committed during the French Revolution, episodes of horrific violence that had nothing to do with the sacrosanct principles of Freedom, Uguaglianza e Fraternità sbandierati ai quattro venti, the Massacre of the Princess de Lamballe It was probably the most horrid and Free.

Ma vediamo innanzitutto chi era questa donna a cui il destino riservò una fine tanto atroce e immeritata.

Chi era la principessa di Lamballe

Maria Teresa Luisa di Savoia Carignano, class 1749, was a young Italian noble woman grew up in Turin.

Fin dalla tenera età essa mostrò un carattere mite, balanced and generous.

Oggi la definiremmo una tipica e rara “brava ragazza di buona famiglia”.

In 1767 groom Louis Alexander of Bourbon, principle di Lamballe.

Quest’uomo dissoluto morì nel 1768 per aver contratto una malattia venerea, leaving his wife a widow just 19 years.

However, poiché il suocero adorava la nuora, dolce, sensitive and often prey to fits of melancholy, let him go on living with him, and are occupied by many charitable works, benefiting many needy.

Princess Maria Antonietta He was favorably impressed by the gentle Lamballe and the two became inseparable friends.

cultured, gentile, refined, Savoy was young for a short period eclipsed by the presence of bulky Madame de Polignac, cunning and greedy.

La ragazza però, tornò ad essere la migliore amica e confidente della regina proprio allo scoppio della Rivoluzione, when the Polignac emigrated to England in fact abandoning the woman who had so favored, Maria Teresa while she was closer to the end.

Quest’ultima giunse, terribile, prematura ed immeritata, the 3 September of the 1792.

I massacri di Settembre

In those days they occurred the notorious massacres of September, a real slaughter of imprisoned aristocrats and unable to defend himself, by zealous "workers" of improvised Revolution at the same time judges and executioners.

In realtà si trattava di criminali incalliti, il cui operato non ha un minimo di giustificazione.

The 2 September had settled in the prison de Strength, where she was detained Lamballe, a kind of "" impromptu tribunal of ten men, assisted by five "workers", stationed at the prison gate, They killed bludgeoned the prisoners who crossed the threshold.

Gli “accatastatori” si premuravano poi di ammucchiare i cadaveri dopo averli spogliati, receiving for this task a reasonable compensation.

After a distant semblance of questioning, the princess was released with the reassuring words "It's free, Mrs".

Uscita dalla porta, it seems that the young, horrified at the sight of those bodies piled, exclaimed: “Via! What a horror!” .

Those were his last words.

La morte e l’ultimo oltraggio

The unfortunate man was at first stunned, then filled barrel, completamente uncovered, repeatedly raped and then left in that state for hours on the pavement.

While the body was dragged through the street, a Grison He cuts off the head of the girl and posted on a pike, someone else grabbed the heart, another also intestines.

Do not pay the havoc done, gli assassini portarono la testa della poveretta in corteo come macabro trofeo di vittoria, right under the windows of the prison Temple, where he was imprisoned the royal family.

Quando Maria Antonietta si affacciò e constatò l’orrendo spettacolo, He slumped to the ground by reason of illness.

While the Revolution, which also was the promoter of big changes, He filed one of his most shameful and vile pages (Article adapted from: notizie.it) (Photo gives: handelforever.com).