A beautiful female face early '900. The points blacks fought mainly with natural remedies

A beautiful female face '900. The points blacks fought mainly with natural remedies

They will not have had access to the sophisticated cosmetic products currently on the market, but our great grandmothers fared equally well in the eternal struggle against the ugly and hateful blacks points, for which mainly used creams, wraps and natural based lotions.

In this post faithfully carry what is written on a manual start of '900, To be beautiful (Sonzogno, Milano, 1906):

"It is precisely oily skin thus prone to blacks points. Do not press them never to bring out the fat that comes out in the form of white vermicciuolo because you risk, in this way, to produce inflammation.

Passatevi frequently on the face of the soap to make glycerin and lotions prepared with the following:

Liquore d’Hoffman

Spirit of lavender

Rose water

bergamot essence

Do not use with too much frequency creams and replace the rice powder with starch powder.

I recommend also to make frequent lotions to face with rice water which some drops of lemon juice are added and a pinch of borax ".

All tips that, with some exceptions, may be valid today (Photo gives: www.vintaged.it).