A kiss between ancient Romans. Statue of Cupid and Psyche

A kiss between ancient Romans. Statue of Cupid and Psyche

For the ancient Romans to kiss It was an art to which he devoted more often, apparently successfully.

In Rome there were different kiss and the differences mainly depended on the nature of the recipient and the meaning that it is intended to give.

The true love kisses were the basia, those words exchanged between lovers or lovers; i sap had a purely sensual nature being the kisses that were given to prostitutes; l’kiss Finally it was the kiss that we exchanged among relatives and should have had an affectionate value.

In this circumstance, however, the conditional is a must, since this kind of kissRoman " They are numerous fortunes "gossip" and amusing anecdotes; if the origin of the name is simple, since the term the the equivalent of mouth, less clear is the use made of it was.

For some it showed only a gesture of kinship recognition, but for others it was instead a rather ambiguous meaning and represented a valid excuse, eg, to ensure that a woman had not been drinking wine.

Properzio (I sec. a.C.) He tells of a certain Cinzia who used dell 'kiss to take the liberty to give erotic kisses, otherwise prohibited, while the historian Svetonio It attaches the same "defect" to Agrippina, infamous mother of Emperor Nerone (Photo gives: Purnkkaiti).