beans. L'introduzione dei fagioli "americani" in the European food, constituted an important innovation from the dietary point of view

beans. The introduction of beans “American” in the European diet, constituted an important innovation from a dietary point of view

In modern Europe, between the '400 and' 700, the intensification of trade, the introduction of the cultivation of new plants and greater exploitation of those hitherto little used, contributed to significantly improve the food conditions general population, especially that belonging to the lower states of society.

Among the most important innovations in the food sector were the spread of rice, originating in South Asia, he was born in buckwheat, that although not suitable for baking, had the advantage of being able to be cultivated even in the most difficult terrains, including mountain ones.

if pepe, precious oriental spice, it remained an expensive and not easily available product, i pepperoni and the chili pepper, from America, they became excellent and appreciated substitutes immediately, also with a pleasant taste and identical if not greater versatility in the kitchen, but at a much more affordable price.

I tomatoes, known and consumed in Italy, Spain, Provence and Languedoc as early as the 16th century, they spread to the rest of the Old Continent only at the end of the 18th century, while I beans, who went to support the legumes known until then, or lentils, fave, peas and chickpeas, they deserve a separate discussion.

I beans from America indeed, they achieved such popular success that in a short time they ousted the only ones that had hitherto been present on European tables, of quality called today “eye”, which botanically constitutes a species different from the others; the introduction and spread of American beans constituted a fundamentally important innovation in nutrition, since it increased the intake of noble proteins in the diet of the poorest people, who could count on them every day thanks to the low cost (Photo gives: