Lorenzo the Magnificent

Lorenzo the Magnificent

lawrence’ Medici, say the magnificent, one of the most complex personalities of Italian Renaissance, He married in a ceremony worthy of his name and his fame.

The marriage with the Roman noblewoman Clarice Orsini They were celebrated the 4 June 1469 in a frame of glitz and elegance that made him one of the most memorable social events of the time, a witness symbolically and practically perfect authority and prestige of unbeatable reached ruler of Florence and his illustrious family.

As per tradition, the bride came to town riding a magnificent horse, escorted by brother Giuliano and a result of 50 cavalieri; to welcome the also young and a large crowd cheering raccoltasi the streets and determined not to miss the important event.

The windows of the majestic palace of the Medici family were decorated with olive branches, as was the custom in that part of Italy in the mid '400.

Terrific buffet, at least according to the statement of a contemporary newspaper: "They arrived at the palace 150 calves, 4thousand between hens and ducks, fish, game and many wine barrels "; It also seems that for the occasion, They were consumed well 17 quintals of sweets and confetti.

However, before giving way to a wedding feast lasted for three days, Lorenzo the Magnificent had taken care to distribute food to the population (Photo gives: terraditoscana.com).