An example of female beauty '900

An example of female beauty '900

I have already pointed out that the female hair removal at the beginning of '900 It was still far from being implemented with gentle methods and risk-free (, but among all the recipes recommended in the manual To be beautiful (Sonzogno, Milano, 1906), that carryover below, based arsenic, I thought that was the most dangerous of all, so much so that the author himself is careful to warn the ladies from possible trouble.

I quote:

"I will finish suggesting a preparation containing arsenic. But you must be careful to have in mind that this substance is caustic and consequently dangerous to be used.

quick lime powder gr.40

Arsenic powder gr.5

Add a pinch of soap powder and mix together with the egg yolk.

Rub the part to be depilated with olive oil, hour after having coated the preparation and let dry out. After a thorough washing the hair stand apart ".

quick lime and arsenic were used for hair removal since ancient times, but it's amazing that he made use, despite the potential harmfulness, just over a hundred years ago (Photo gives: