Being great artists is not safe from problems of life and does not guarantee any protection against rotating dodger.

I knew something Sophocles, author of tragedies among the most memorable of all time, that fell like a “chicken” into the trap set for him by a young greek.

In a society that considered the men the ideal form of love and, therefore, encouraged homosexuality, not infrequently happened that boys without youth approfittassero means and attractiveness for “tow” Adult rich and maybe some’ unwary.

Sophocles naive certainly was not to be, but the weakness of the flesh cost him one unfunny joke.

One day, while he is walking on the street, the great playwright was accosted by a teenager in search of easy money, that finally convinced him to withdraw with him in an alley rather isolated; immediately after the brief meeting Sophocles saw that she had been robbed of their lavish and expensive mantle, instead of which the young man had left his, poor and ragged.

fairly common scene through the streets of the cities of Ancient Greece. (Photo gives: